How it started…

I don’t believe in luck. I do believe in opportunity. For me, the investing journey began with a crash. An actual crash. On 11 December 2014 I was hit by a crashing taxi on the footpath in downtown Sydney, right next to the Central Train Station. My legs were crushed and metal rods were put in my leg at St Vincent’s hospital in King’s Cross. As I faded out of consciousness, a government employee slipped a form under my pillow in the accident and emergency room:

“You may have a claim against the driver, would you like to proceed?” I said yes and then conked out for 12 hours.

Two years, many lawyers and specialist appointments later that piece of paper turned in to an insurance settlement worth several hundred thousand Australian dollars. While I’m not meant to say how much (and I won’t), I remember the tears beginning to flow on the phone from New Zealand to Sydney as the barrister confirmed we were at $300, 000 and heading north. I knew that we had reached a point where I could buy my own home, pay off my student loan, clear credit card debt and the big legal bill. We did go north of $300k and the final sum has been life changing for me. I’ve been determined to nourish and grow the opportunity a lump sum gave me and I want to share with you the journey it has taken me on. So let’s begin.

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