Why you should cut up your credit card right now

I have a deep hatred of credit cards. I dragged around a $7 000 maxed out one for around 15 years. The banks got me at age 18 with a university package and a $1 000 limit that continued to get away on me. I took a consolidation loan and then maxed that sucker outContinue reading “Why you should cut up your credit card right now”

Squeezing Lemonade: Short reports

One of the most interesting things I’ve learned watching activist investing from Reddit’s Wall Street Bets and Game Stop is ‘short reports’. To short a stock you are basically saying the the stock will drop in price, so you can buy it back cheaper. The part I didn’t know is that companies who short sellContinue reading “Squeezing Lemonade: Short reports”

Why you shouldn’t worry about the economy

The economy. Everyone loves to talk about it. Players pick a side and devote energy to red and blue versus left and right and everything in between. Can I suggest this a massive waste of your time and brain processing capacity? It’s a distraction from your own personal financial situation and not anything you canContinue reading “Why you shouldn’t worry about the economy”

Dollars and sense-the beginning

I’ve been thinking about sharing my ideas on money and investing for some time. The only problem always was, I didn’t have receipts. My own personal finances were never in a state where I felt confident to have a voice in this space. Things have changed for me over the last couple of years and,Continue reading “Dollars and sense-the beginning”